Transport Modelling, Policy and Strategy

Transport Modelling, Policy and Strategy

the challenge

Developing transport plans and strategies that consider the mobility needs of all, and recognise and deliver national policy and best design practices, depends more and more on sophisticated data analysis and models to deliver economic, social and environmental benefit. The relatively recent return to strong economic growth means further residential and commercial development and infrastructural investment, even while challenges remain in creating an efficient transport system and delivering national housing targets. Now there is more need than ever to develop and implement plans that tackle these challenges using evidence based, data-driven modelling so that the decisions being made today lead to lasting improvements in quality of life and economic resilience for years to come.

how we can help

Our extensive team of professional consultants use cutting-edge modelling, transport planning, and a keen collaborative ethos, to guide our clients through every planning challenge, from strategy development to on-the-ground implementation. SYSTRA Dublin is the leading transport modelling team in Ireland, with highly qualified and experienced members who take pride in providing optimal modelling solutions to your needs. We strive to develop clear insights based on proportionate and deliverable approaches, tailored to the transport situation and most importantly the goals you are trying to achieve.

We offer capability in all standard transport modelling software, including Cube Voyager, SATURN, PTV VISUM, PTV VISSIM, S-Paramics, AIMSUN, and OmniTrans, and have applied these tools in transport plans to serve growing populations; tackle congested roads, stations and public transport services; optimise public transport; improve revenues from transport provision; secure financing and funding; secure planning permission; design new infrastructure; assess and tackle local air quality and noise problems; and demonstrate environmental impacts.

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