Transport and COVID

Transport and COVID

At SYSTRA we recognise that the pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, with both our personal and professional lives disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic.

As always, we are fully committed to helping our people, community and clients, and have rapidly adapted the way we work so that we can continue to provide the support they need.

Our agile teams, with a collaborative attitude and excellent communication skills have not only continued to deliver for our clients despite the current constraints, but are also proactively providing answers to the big questions about how we will live and travel after the pandemic.

Drawing on SYSTRA’s proven track record in delivering new innovation, design and research, the ways we are supporting our clients include:

  • The ‘Research and Insights’ Team has been continuously monitoring how peoples’ attitudes towards the way they live and travel have changed during this pandemic, providing us with authoritative insight into their changing behaviour, and how this can be influenced to produce better outcomes in the longer term
  • Our ‘Future Planning & Innovations’ Teams have developed new modelling techniques that will allow future, ever changing scenarios with regards to how we will travel in the future to be modelled effectively, and provide a basis for robust decision making
  • Our ‘Movement & Place’ Teams have been designing new streetscapes that address the immediate short-term requirements that need implemented swiftly to allow people to move around safely and effectively. They are also involved in looking at how these temporary schemes could evolve to become permanent infrastructures, promoting a healthier way of living
  • Our ‘Public Transport’ Teams have been developing new strategies to help the public transport sector evolve quickly and efficiently in extremely challenging times, looking at ways they can effectively and safely operate and ensure they maintain their critical role in providing sustainable transport in the longer term

We would be happy to discuss how we can help you with the current and emerging challenges created by COVID-19.

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