Traffic Management & Engineering Design

Traffic Management & Engineering Design

the challenge

The public sector in Ireland faces a series of challenges in delivering their objectives for future development. The provision of a sustainable and affordable transport network is an essential part of planning for growth. At SYSTRA we understand the key challenges facing local authorities in delivering transport solutions including the need to constructively engage with a diverse range of stakeholders; integrate new development within the existing urban fabric; balance competing needs for space and services; and, champion innovative and progressive transport solutions.

how we can help

We provide evidence based advice to the public sector building on our market leading reputation for rigorous analysis and delivery of innovative solutions. We understand the challenges that local authorities face in developing land use strategies and dealing with development proposals.
We consider all modes of transport from the outset with a strong emphasis on improving accessibility and integration to encourage a modal shift away from the private car. Working closely with designers and spatial planners we develop transport solutions using a holistic approach that considers area wide transport requirements.

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