SYSTRA: Act Travelwise Headline Sponsor
22 January 2018

SYSTRA: Act Travelwise Headline Sponsor

SYSTRA is delighted to be headline sponsor of the Act TravelWise Annual Conference “Forward Thinking, Future Planning” in Birmingham on 25 January 2018. We look forward to welcoming friends, colleagues and clients to what promises to be an exciting conference. The conference provides all of us in the industry with a great platform to discuss how we adopt innovative and deliverable plans to meet the accessibility needs of the future.

SYSTRA are leading the way in the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes to increase the use of sustainable travel choices at all scales. We know how to maximise results from ’smarter choices’ interventions and bring together our skills from behavioural psychology, social marketing and data analysis to devise and deliver behaviour change programmes. We are passionate about utilising on-line comms, social media, travel behaviour applications and new technologies to maximise the outreach and success of our programmes.

Encouraging sustainable travel and increased mobility in the future has much to offer in terms of how we can innovatively meet transport demand in the future. The key is how this can be delivered with the greatest effect. Fundamentally, we need to encourage and foster a way of doing things differently to encourage travel behaviour change. It is up to us in the field of transport to make people want to buy into this alternative and make this an attractive prospect. We need to sell the alternative that sustainable transport and increased mobility offers and how this can be used to help, design and shape the places we live for the better.

What does this innovative vision we want to use to inspire others look like?

SYSTRA colleagues (Alison Pickett, Emily Walsh, David Alderson, Chloe Williams, Lucie Chuchmakova and Kirsty Whittaker) are very much looking forward to discussing this further with you at the Act TravelWise Annual Conference. Come and talk to us to discover more about what SYSTRA can offer and how we could collaborate on future opportunities.

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