SYSTRA at 13th UK Light Rail Conference
11 July 2018

SYSTRA at 13th UK Light Rail Conference

By enabling mobility, SYSTRA’s work strengthens communities, increases social inclusion, fosters economic prosperity and supports environmental improvement. We deliver consultancy, engineering, development and specialist technical services that enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

In recent years the UK Light Rail Conference has been the perfect place to meet all the stakeholders involved with UK light rail and to get updates on future plans, on-going projects and new ideas. SYSTRA is delighted to be sponsoring the event again this year and below are the abstracts from our presentations at the 2018 event:


Tuesday 17th July – 12:15 - Autonomous technology for trams: What for? How far it will go?

Automation, already implemented for metro systems, and recent developments in the automotive industry open the path of ‘autonomisation’ of other transportation systems. In this context, ‘autonomisation’ is to be understood as a system able to operate a vehicle without driver or attendant and able to deal with unpredictable events or situations. For a tram system, this means relying on additional sensors, artificial intelligence and decision-making algorithms.

Current metro automation lets us expect some potential gains for a tram system as well (capacity, regularity, reliability, flexibility, safety…). Given the specificities of a tram system, are these gains realisable? What is technically and financially achievable within the near future?

By analysing the different systems currently developed by the various actors (metro, automatic shuttle bus, automobile), this presentation will introduce different levels of ‘autonomisation’, outline their potential benefits and time frame.


Tuesday 17th July – 14:40 – Breaking down silos in asset management practices

Infrastructure managers and operators are facing major challenges raised by asset degradation combined with growing mobility needs. At the same time, emerging solutions (BIM, IoT, big data…) are offering new opportunities to boost asset management activities in transport sector, at operational (short-term onsite strategy) and decisional (mid-term and long-term strategy) levels.

SYSTRA is a pioneer in integrating these innovative technologies to disrupt mass transit and rail engineering and Operation & Maintenance practices:

  • Giving better knowledge of the assets to make the right capital planning (particularly for renewal)
  • Connecting the assets to monitor their condition, predict failures and adjust maintenance accordingly
  • Managing digital change to improve current practice

This presentation will illustrate through relevant business cases the engineering approach to breaking the silos of asset management practices. Digital solutions developed by SYSTRA will also be presented.

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