New Starter
22 March 2019

New Starter

Sean Fitzgerel, Associate Director

Sean Fitzgerel has joined SYSTRA Ltd Dublin as Associate Director, leading the Ireland Microsimulation service.

Microsimulation is the modelling technique that operates at a level of individual vehicles, transit units, or persons, and their interaction within the context of transport operations. Unlike strategic or regional modelling, microsimulation modelling can be used for detailed understanding of driving behaviour, queuing, and safety on a person by person basis. It also provides the sum total impact on the system. It has strong capabilities in visualisation that can help stakeholders and public interests to grasp the scope of planned transport projects and designs.

Sean has led several innovative connected vehicle modelling programs. These have included developing new techniques and models that previously did not exist to serve and facilitate the future needs of transport authorities.

With over 12 years of professional experience in transport modelling, transport planning, scheme appraisal, project and product management, software development, and client management Sean has become a leading expert in the development of APIs for VISSIM and Paramics, developing solutions to greatly expand the capabilities of the base-level software packages. The bulk of his experience has been with micro- and meso-scale simulation modelling of operations and ITS systems, with unique experience in connected vehicle testing and developing novel methods for assessing and simulating smart technology.

In addition to experience in Ireland, Sean has worked with local, city, state, and federal departments of transportation in the United States, private development corporations throughout the world, and multiple international road authorities in the UK, Australia, Russia, and more, to serve a wide variety of needs and goals, as both the technical expert, as well as the face of the project for stakeholder engagement.

We welcome Sean to the Dublin office and look forward to discussing how Microsimulation can add to your transport planning solutions and help visualise proposed developments.

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