Cities Demand Management Study
18 February 2020

Cities Demand Management Study

Cities Demand Management Study
With traffic congestion, climate change and air pollution of increasing concern in our cities, SYSTRA Ltd Ireland are delighted to be appointed by the Department for Transport, Tourism & Sport (DTTAS) to undertake a study to identify how best to tackle these challenges.

Working closely with local stakeholders, SYSTRA Ltd will be undertaking a comprehensive study to identify potential measures to best manage vehicle movements in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford – to reduce congestion and transport-related emissions while improving air quality and helping to make our cities more pleasant places to live, work, shop and visit.

Our data collection and analysis will help to establish the current make-up of low emission fleets travelling within our cities, while our modelling will test the impact of a range of potential measures on both congestion and emissions levels in each city. Our approach will embed an evidence-based review of international best practice, with our local insight and stakeholder engagement ensuring that the most effective measures are prioritised according to the unique local circumstances of each city.

The outputs of the Study will be a series of evidence-based Demand Management recommendations for each city, along with a national roadmap for delivery.

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