3 More Sleeps to MIPIM!
9 March 2018

3 More Sleeps to MIPIM!

Only days to go until MIPIM2018 gets underway. Along with my colleague Richard Stacey, SYSTRA’s new Development and Infrastructure Sector Director for the UK and Ireland, I arrive on Monday, heading straight to opening and networking events that evening. My first experience of MIPIM last year tells me that it will then be non-stop for the 3 days following.

What am I looking forward to this year? Belfast MIPIM was very impressive last year and with SYSTRA’s increased public and private sector transport consultancy workload in Northern Ireland in 2017/18, much of which I am directly involved in, that will certainly be one of my focusses. In my role as SYSTRA’s Scottish Business Director I also hope to meet up with clients and professional partners visiting from the Glasgow MIPIM and Scottish Cities Alliance delegations. It helps greatly that SYSTRA has been directly involved in providing transport consultancy support for many of the projects included in the “Pitch Books” of both organisations.

I also have many meetings with a range of professional partners from across the UK and Ireland set up for MIPIM. If that doesn’t already sound like a busy week I hope to take the opportunity to learn about a number of showcase projects around the world adopting innovative transport and Smart City technology.

That sums up MIPIM, some old, new and familiar opportunities mixed in with the opportunity for learning and personal development. Jolly junket? I think not.

Kelvin Clarke, Scottish Business Director, SYSTRA Ltd

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