SYSTRA Supports Midlands Connect transport strategy development
1 June 2020

SYSTRA Supports Midlands Connect transport strategy development

SYSTRA is proud to have been heavily involved in the development and appraisal of the £2.7bn transport plan to revolutionise East Midlands links to HS2 hub station at Toton, known as the ’Access to Toton’ transport plan, with support from Mott Macdonald, Atkins and ITP.

See press release from Midlands Connect.

BBC Coverage

Since 2017, we have been leading a team in the development of a multi-billion pound transport strategy that connects all parts of the East Midlands region to the HS2 station at Toton, the jobs at adjacent Innovation Campus development and the wider growth areas to maximise the predicted economic benefits of the High-Speed Rail network in this region. The strategy also ensures that the growth opportunities are fully inclusive of all communities in the area including the deprived areas of the East Midlands region. The study involved the assessment of options from a viability and engineering perspective, the identification of the strategy in consultation with the local authorities and other stakeholders and the development of a set of business case documents and supporting evidence which is the basis of the overall strategy and is being used to influence the DfT and the HS2 Hybrid bill by the councils..

This resulted in a multi-modal transport strategy that includes heavy and light rail, bus rapid transit, active mode and highway schemes that has been unveiled by East Midlands Councils and Midlands Connect.

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