SYSTRA Leading Workshop in RSSR 2019 Conference
4 April 2019

SYSTRA Leading Workshop in RSSR 2019 Conference

SafeCap, an automated verification tool co-developed with Newcastle University, will be demonstrated at the Reliability, Safety and Security of Rail Systems (RSSR) conference in Lille:

SafeCap uses cutting edge Computer Science ’formal methods’ to automatically verify that signalling configuration data complies with safety requirements; it’s novelty is that it operates within existing project delivery processes and is highly scalable to complex layouts. This enables SafeCap to deliver immediate savings, in terms of reduced re-work and improved confidence in data, with minimal upfront investment required from the customer and to do so for even the most intricate of railway junctions.

Already proven on real-world data sets, the initial SafeCap service is estimated to deliver 5-10% savings in signalling data development cost, 1-3 month reductions in project durations and improved confidence in the safety of that data. As SafeCap continues to develop, the savings it can offer will increase further. For further details see

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