SYSTRA helping to develop a new part of London
12 June 2019

SYSTRA helping to develop a new part of London

Meridian Water is a regeneration programme taking place in Enfield, North London. The project will bring 10,000 homes and thousands of jobs to the region, in an ambitious vision to transform the area.

Alongside some beautiful new homes, public spaces and community facilities, there is a brand-new railway station, recently opened, sitting at the heart of the community, which is key to unlocking the area for commuters.

As well as providing the entire detailed design for the M&E infrastructure across the project, SYSTRA is proud to have designed the feature lighting to the station roof for Meridian Water Station. The detailed design for the roof lighting was completed by SYSTRA M&E team using 3D rendition designs. by utilising raytracing designs and bespoke lighting software, the M&E team at SYSTRA was able to create breath-taking designs using the latest technology.

The work undertaken was complex in nature, with the project team required to show compliance throughout the construction. Following the completion of the project, the client provided the M&E team with high praise for their work and for going above and beyond in their delivery.

This project has showcased the best of what SYSTRA M&E discipline can deliver. By working in close collaboration with our clients and utilising technology and innovation, we were able to create a new piece of infrastructure that will stand the test of time and help thousands of people experience this exciting new development in London.

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