SYSTRA Celebrates 60 Years of Technical Excellence
8 June 2017

SYSTRA Celebrates 60 Years of Technical Excellence

SYSTRA’s story began 60 years ago this week. On 6th June 1957, SNCF created railway design and construction company SOFRERAIL, putting down our first roots. The rest, as they say, is history.
Four years after SOFRERAIL’s formation, in 1961, RATP established SOFRETU, the urban transport design and construction firm. The merger of these two companies in 1992 created SYSTRA.

Since our inception, our transportation projects have enabled people all over the world to access employment and education. We have delivered schemes that have transformed cities and connected communities.

As specialists in mass transit and mobility, we embrace future trends that will impact how people live, work and travel. We continually extend the boundaries of transport engineering, shaping the travel systems of tomorrow.

Our mission is all the more vital in today’s global and political environment. Mass transit brings people together and improves access to opportunity. We are proud of the role our people play in creating a better, more connected world.

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