SYSTRA acquires Dalco Elteknik AB to develop its activity in Sweden
3 March 2016

SYSTRA acquires Dalco Elteknik AB to develop its activity in Sweden

Today SYSTRA announces the acquisition of Dalco Elteknik AB, an engineering company specialising in railway systems and one of the market leaders in railway signalling.

This acquisition reinforces SYSTRA’s skills and resources, enabling the company to offer comprehensive railway system services to both the Swedish and wider Scandinavian markets.

Founded in 1987, Dalco Elteknik AB employs 52 people, working in 9 offices throughout Sweden. Specialized in railway signalling, the company’s services include design services, planning, assessment, reviewing, capacity analysis and project management. Dalco Elteknik AB has managed more than 1,200 projects, particularly for Trafikverket, the Swedish road and railway infrastructure manager, Stockholms läns landsting, the transit organiser for the Stockholm area, as well as for manufacturers.

According to Pascal Mercier, SYSTRA’s Senior Vice-President for Northern Europe: “Today, SYSTRA is working on the Ostlänken high speed railway project, and Dalco Elteknik AB specialises in signalling for conventional railways. Tomorrow, together, we will have all the resources in hand to become a leader in railway engineering systems in the Swedish market. With Dalco Elteknik AB, SYSTRA also gains a platform to expand our activities throughout the Scandinavian countries.”

SYSTRA represents an excellent opportunity for Dalco Elteknik AB employees, both technically and professionally. Since the start of our discussions, I have been impressed by SYSTRA’s concern for mutual respect and their pragmatic approach. Our two companies share a commitment to technical excellence.
— Jan-Erik Lindqvist, the founder of Dalco Elteknik

About the SYSTRA Group

  1. SYSTRA is a world leader for public transport infrastructure. A subsidiary of RATP and SNCF and have worked in the mass transit and rail market since 1957. The Group’s ambition is to serve the new needs for collective, sustainable transport, throughout the world.
  2. SYSTRA is currently working on more than 3,500 projects involving high speed and conventional railways, metros and trams in 80 different countries.
  3. The Group has helped build half of the world’s metro systems and is working on lines 15, 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express. In Asia, SYSTRA is working on line 6 of the Delhi metro and line 16 of the Shanghai metro. SYSTRA is in charge of building two new automated metro lines in Santiago de Chile, and of migrating 23 km of commuter railway between Epping and Chatsworth in Australia, to driverless operation.
  4. SYSTRA has contributed to every high speed railway line in France and is currently working on four projects: the South Europe Atlantic line (SEA) from Tours to Bordeaux, phase 2 of the East European HSR, the Nîmes-Montpellier bypass and the Brittany-Loire Valley line. SYSTRA is also involved in the high speed railway project between Tangiers and Kenitra, in Morocco. Elsewhere, SYSTRA is a stakeholder on projects in India, Malaysia and Thailand. SYSTRA’s worldwide experience of high speed railways is underpinned by flagship projects that have promoted sustainable high speed mobility in Asia: South Korea, Taiwan and China. In Canada, the Group’s subsidiary, Canarail, has won the contract to renovate rolling stock for the prestigious Rocky Mountaineer tourist railway.
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