Rebecca Wilson - New Master of Modelling
11 June 2018

Rebecca Wilson - New Master of Modelling

Rebecca Wilson, Principal Consultant with SYSTRA, was presented with the New Master of Modelling award at the 2018 Modelling World conference.

The award recognises a young professional between the ages of 25 and 35 who has:

  • Shown willingness to challenge thinking and methodologies
  • Developed new ways of thinking and driven practitioner thinking forward
  • Inspired colleagues and the wider industry

Rebecca won the award in recognition of her work on the model that SYSTRA will use to appraisal the Northern Powerhouse Rail proposals. Speaking after the conference, she said “I’m really pleased to have been presented with this award. It recognises that there’s a huge amount of innovation happening in the transport modelling world at the moment, which people from across the industry are helping to make happen. The work to consider the role that high speed rail could play in the north of England really plays to SYSTRA’s strengths on both analytical forecasting and rail engineering, and it’s great to be a part of the team that’s bringing this forward”.

More information on SYSTRA’s rail advisory services is available at

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