New Paramics Website
29 January 2018

New Paramics Website

SYSTRA Limited is pleased to announce the launch of the new Paramics Microsimulation website.

The new site showcases the recent launch of Paramics Discovery 19, state of the art 3D traffic modelling software to enable transport professionals to design, evaluate and present amazing solutions.

Paramics Discovery is used to reproduce real world traffic conditions in a computer model by simulating detailed individual vehicle behaviour on a user-defined road network. It is built on 20 years’ experience of software development and microsimulation modelling, within a brand-new modern interface, making it incredibly easy to learn and use.

Find out more at

Notes for editors

Paramics Microsimulation is a software division of SYSTRA Limited.

Originally developed by SIAS Ltd, Paramics Microsimulation has been at the forefront of microsimulation since the 1990s and has been used on thousands of transport planning projects around the world.

For more information contact Malcolm Calvert.

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