Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day
10 February 2020

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

The demand for skilled engineers in the UK is set to increase over the next five years to 1.3 million. Women account for 10.3% of total engineering professionals, yet 78% of female engineer students receive a first or upper second-class degree at university.

So why aren’t more women attracted to STEM subjects?

Many girls simply aren’t exposed to female engineers, without female role-models to show young women what engineering really entails, bright girls may never get to realise their potential.

We are reaching out to our female colleagues in engineering today, to ask them what advice they would give to a girl in school. As a WISE member, we know the importance of female representation at the early stages of a child’s education and celebrate the talented women we employ across the business.

We’ll be posting on Twitter and LinkedIn with their responses, you can also read responses from two of our female engineers below. What advice would you give to a girl considering engineering as a career? Get in touch and let us know!

“Consider engineering as a career if you are creative, enjoy design and want to impact the environment we live in now and in the future.” – Michelle Flint

“Be curious about how things work!” – Hana Sulaiman

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