Modular Platforms

Modular Platforms

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SYSTRA’s (formerly TSP Projects) Modular Platform System originated in the late 1990’s has been developed over the last twenty-five years and been widely utilised on the Network Rail infrastructure as an offsite modular solution to permanent platform construction. The Platform System is a fully modularised product based upon a range of standard components; integrated through a bespoke design to fit the individual site-specific requirements.

Standard System

The Standard System is designed to be easily installed by one team of personnel no matter the access conditions. To achieve this all components have been assessed and are able to be installed using manual handling; therefore there is no requirement for mechanical lifting. Furthermore, most of the installation works can happen whilst trains are running providing a quick installation. The standard platform is designed to be adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical planes, providing a measure of system flexibility during platform installation and for future adjustability.

The standard system is extremely lightweight when compared to concrete modular systems and so requires only minimal foundations which are typically shallow strip footings or raft foundations with minimal reinforcement. In cases where there is poor ground, mini-piled ground beams have been used. The advantages of shallow foundations is that there is the potential for excavations to be outside of the track support zone which enables enhanced working times.

6 Bay System

The 6 Bay System uses the same lightweight, easy-to-build, flexible and adjustable construction from the standard system but instead of the legs, it has a spanning ladder beam. The ladder beam can be of various spans and depths and usually spans between pairs of piles. The platform can therefore be brought to site in large pre-fitted units for speed of installation.

Also, if Driven or Low Displacement piles are used, the system can be operated without any need for ‘wet works’ or spoil removal.

The 6 Bay Platform uses many similar components to the standard system but the ladder beam requires mechanical lifting. However, when platform units are fully pre-fitted, the weights for a 7.32m x 3.5m unit are still only 2Tonne (approximately) and can therefore be easily transported and lifted into place using Road Rail Excavators.

3 Bay System

The 3 Bay System is the newest development and can also easily be assembled without the use of mechanical lifting. This enables the platform to be built behind a Vortok Fence. Line blockages will only be required to gauge the platform to the X and Y’s and to install the front litter screen.

The 3 Bay System is designed to span 3.66m centres along the track and is predominately used in conjunction with small screw piles, concrete pad or strip foundations.

Decking System

Decking System Modular panels are used as platform decking. They are approximately 1200mm x 300mm in size, consisting of folded galvanised steel plate, and provide a continuous steel surface to support the wearing course. Special deck plates are used where drainage outlets and lighting columns (typically 5m or 6m Abacus raise/ lower lighting columns) are required which gives the ability to mount lighting and certain CCTV columns directly on the platform without need for separate foundations.

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