Global Expertise

Global Expertise


  • 100 SYSTRA employees allocated for the Riyadh MRT Project
  • 118km or track, 21km of tunnels, 37 stations and an estimated 200 million passengers per year – Crossrail, the biggest engineering rail project to connect from west to east London
  • MRT Dubai is the world’s longest & driverless transport network transporting 1.85 million people per day
  • SYSTRA developed the MRT Mecca system capable to cover the highest passenger capacity during HAJJ Period
  • 50% of cities operating MRT systems have cooperated with SYSTRA
  • Owners representative for the 11.5km of Mumbai Metro Line 1


  • 75% of Light Rail / tramways built in France are thanks to SYSTRA
  • 31km, 48 stations and 250,000 passengers per day in Casablanca – SYSTRA Project Managed the 1st LRT in Africa
  • Project Manager for 34km of LRT in Lusail, Qatar
  • 15.7km of Caen LRT, adapted dual-purpose wheels on rolling stock to allow for negotiation of Caens unusual topography with slopes of 13%


52 BRT projects in France alone

  • Metz
  • Dunkirk
  • Nimes
  • Saint Brieuc
  • Rouen
  • Lyon
  • Senart-Corbeil

High Speed Rail

  • 2,000km of High Speed Lines were built by SYSTRA in France
  • The World Speed record of 574.8km/h (357mph) on the East European HSR held by SYSTRA
  • General Consultant for the 412km, 330,000 daily passenger HSR Seoul to Busan in South Korea
  • Kenitra Tangier HSR in Morocco, SYSTRA have been General Consultant
  • Nimes to Montpellier bypass – the 1st High Speed Line to support mixed-use traffic of both passengers and freight trains, SYSTRA design superstructure and infrastructure


  • Provider of CADNA-A noise mapping and ADMS-roads pollution dispersion modelling
  • Undertaken over 20 successful carbon and ESOS audits in the past year
  • Nitrogen dioxide monitoring for Highways England and Local Councils
  • EIA provision for public and private sector clients
  • Environmental representation at Public Inquiry
  • Environmental Input to support Local Authority Business Case development
  • Clean Air Zone assistance for London Boroughs
  • Air quality Advice to schools and Local Authorities.
  • Day and Night Noise monitoring

Drainage & Highways Infrastructure

  • Feasibility and outline planning stages leading into strategic works design for 1,800-dwelling greenfield scheme in Grantham, over 250 units delivered to date with 350+ in next phase. Housing parcel works for two parcels of 250 units for the housebuilders on the same scheme
  • Strategic works design for over 600 homes on a former Peugeot factory in Coventry
  • Trunk and detailed works for a series of small to medium sites for Taylor Wimpey and David Wilson Homes around the West Midlands
  • Feasibility and outline planning stages for urban expansion at Grantham comprising up to 3,500 dwellings and 11ha of commercial/light industrial development
  • Feasibility stage of 6,000-home expansion on edge of Birmingham


  • 3000km of highway design from 35 projects
  • 3500km of highway feasibility from 25 projects
  • 2000km of highway construction supervision from 20 projects
  • The world’s longest sea bridge connecting Kuwait City’s 2.4 million inhabitants with Subiyah
  • 4 rail tracks, 6 lanes of motorway, 46km span – Tianxinghzou Cable Stay Bridge
  • Double Way Tram Line, 4 lane road and 2 foot and cycle ways, 722m Krasinski Bridge, Poland


  • Since 2014 SYSTRAs RFID allows for freight wagon tracking
  • Project Manager on Baffin Island for 143km Mary River Railway Project
  • General consultant for the 650km TransGabon Railway line
  • Technical assistant or Mumbai Freight Corridor
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