Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

Achieving NET Zero Carbon

Roughly a third of the UK’S Carbon emissions currently comes from transport and have only reduced by 2% since 1990. The overall climate change gas emissions in the UK have dropped by 39% over this period.

With around two thirds of District, County, Unitary & Metropolitan Councils having declared a Climate Emergency to date, reducing transport emissions to achieve Net Zero Carbon is a rising priority for many authorities in the UK and SYSTRA can assist in achieving these aims.

How Can SYSTRA Assist

SYSTRA have over 50 years’ experience in the transport planning industry in the UK and abroad, this expertise will assist clients to achieve their Climate Emergency goals in the following areas:

Development and Assessment of Low Carbon Transport Strategies

Low carbon transport strategies are essential to; reduce the demand for movement, encourage the use of zero carbon/low carbon transport modes and encourage the take up of electric vehicles; if Net Zero Carbon is to be achieved.

Understanding how transport generates Climate Change emissions and the predicted impacts of various measures and strategies through detailed modelling will generate a robust route map to NET Zero Carbon.

Research, Strategy Promotion and Consultation

Changing people’s attitudes towards travel and the environment and understanding what will make people undertake this change will be critical to achieving NET Zero Carbon.

Business Cases and Funding Bids

All Climate Emergency measures and strategies will need funding for their implementation and therefore successful business cases and funding bids are essential to achieving Net Zero Carbon. Likewise, any scheme promoter seeking funding will need to be able to demonstrate the contribution their scheme makes towards carbon reduction.

Detailed Scheme Design and Implementation

Low Carbon design and implementation of schemes is a significant and essential part of any NET Zero Carbon strategy.

Climate Change Mitigation

The increased regularity of extreme weather events are already occurring and therefore in addition to achieving NET Zero Carbon protection of properties and infrastructure from these impacts will also be required.

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