Our Expertise

SYSTRA Aviation is a dedicated aviation business unit providing consulting & advisory, design and project management services to airport owners, operators and investors.

SYSTRA is a global company with an operational presence in 80 countries. Our aviation experts apply their global knowledge and experience, working with our local teams and tailoring solutions to every client.

Our team have practical hands-on aviation operational experience having worked client-side, as well as many years as consultants and advisors to airports around the world. While airports are the primary focus for SYSTRA Aviation, we work across all transportation modes and sectors, including airline, rail, ships and ports.

Our expertise covers end to end airport solutions, specifically:

  • Masterplanning & Capacity Planning
  • Landside Infrastructure - surface access, car parks, kerbside & traffic flow
  • Passenger Terminals – facility planning, security, baggage & retail
  • Apron & Airside Infrastructure – stands, taxiways, runway, navigation, RFFS, ATC
  • Environmental – noise, emissions, waste, contamination, water, operating permits/licenses
  • Transport – people movers, autonomous vehicles, onward travel & ground handling services
  • Airport Operations – ORAT, performance improvement, passenger process, wayfinding, signage and kiosks
  • Airport Strategy – product, service & efficiency improvements, business case development, revenue, opex, capex & repex
  • Digital Advisory and Solutions
  • Operational signals and sensor based flow monitoring of people, baggage, goods, vehicles

For any further enquiries simply contact us at: aviation@systra.com

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