Future Planning & Innovations

Future Planning & Innovations

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The terrible impacts of the Covid19 pandemic on some of those who catch the virus, the pandemic and the subsequent ‘lock-down’ measures have had an unprecedented impact on the economy, travel demand and travel behaviour across the world. There have been huge changes in the number of journeys made, combined with changes in travel mode, resulting in a significant reduction in the use of public transport.

In addition to helping our clients with the day-to-day management of their transport networks, we are gathering evidence to answer the question: ”What are the likely medium and long-term effects of the Covid19 pandemic on our transport networks?”

Future Planning & Innovations

Our ‘Future Planning and Innovations’ Team is developing new modelling techniques that will help those responsible for planning, funding &/or operating these transport networks to make robust and cost-effective decisions. This will help identify the key impacts of Covid19 which are likely to have the most influence on operation and performance.

Our approach aims to address two key issues: dealing with unprecedented levels of uncertainty and to ensure that the ‘new normal’ is more sustainable than the pre-Covid19 ‘Business as Usual’.

The links below summarise some of the results of our thinking.

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