Our Values

Our Values

Our Ireland team is united by a set of shared values that shape the way we work, collaborate and do business.

We are the home of people who every day solve the technical challenges of the future, sustaining global growth and prosperity. At SYSTRA we inspire confidence in the communities that we serve, providing safe and enduring transportation solutions.


To meet today’s challenges, we protect and maintain the highest levels of technical excellence and expertise in every area we operate.

  • We deliver lasting client satisfaction, and maintain the very highest level of expertise.
  • We are committed to safety.
  • We are passionate about applying the most advanced practices to our business.
  • We attract and develop talented people who adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each challenge.
  • We constantly strive to improve our “expertise” by using the feedback gained from experience.

Connected Teams

We achieve the best results through teamwork, both locally and internationally. We listen to each other and communicate in an open, constructive, respectful manner that fosters the emergence of ideas and talent.

  • We collaborate as teams of experts across six continents to deliver local and international results.
  • We are adept problem-solvers.
  • We proactively network to share information, knowledge and experience around the world.
  • We have project managers who develop and direct their teams to the benefit of our clients.
  • We actively listen to each other and communicate in an open, constructive and respectful manner.
  • We collectively mobilise our energy to lead and deliver the industry’s most challenging and iconic projects.

Bold leadership

We anticipate and embrace change. We provide long-term rewarding career paths for our people.

  • We explore new strategic market segments and engage the entire company in the digital revolution.
  • We find solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.
  • We embrace with confidence a culture of continuous learning.
  • We open new markets and develop long-lasting partnerships built on trust.
  • We are not frightened of technological change: we anticipate and embrace it.
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