Our Commitment

Our Commitment

SYSTRA has an unwavering commitment to safety, ethics and corporate social responsibility across our operations.

Safety and ethics are at the heart of how SYSTRA operates. As we expand internationally and adopt more complex organisational structures that transcend geographic borders, our commitment to safety and ethics is all the more important.

As a business and employer, we are also strongly committed to corporate social responsibility.

Health and safety

The health, safety and welfare of employees, clients, business partners, members of the public and others is of prime importance to the SYSTRA Ltd Board.

SYSTRA Ltd are committed to:

  • Pursuing the goal of eliminating the risks and hazards to people associated with the business;
  • Maximising safety performance;
  • Maximising safety culture;
  • Playing a proactive role in promoting best practice;
  • Ensuring a clear line management structure for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) responsibilities;
  • Managing OH&S matters as per other critical business activity; and
  • Promoting a culture in which all employees share this commitment, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

In this way SYSTRA Ltd aims to have an OH&S performance to be proud of and to earn the confidence of colleagues, clients and contractors.

We have Senior Leaders trained in safety leadership and actively seek the views of our employees, to help maximise our safety performance.

We constantly re-evaluate, reappraise and refine our policies and procedures as part of our unwavering commitment to safety.

Our Board owns and directs our safety action plan and behavioural based safety programme, with support and advice from our Health and Safety Professional.


SYSTRA is a recognised world leader in mobility and mass transit; the core of our work develops sustainable transport solutions and encourages people to use them.

We enable mobility, through our work to develop safe and sustainable transport solutions and encourage people to use them. By so doing we seek to strengthen communities, increase social inclusion, foster economic prosperity and support environmental improvement. In addition to carrying out projects that benefit the environment and society in general, SYSTRA Ltd is committed to behaving responsibly in all areas of our operations. We understand that we must take responsibility for our own impact on the environment and that our own growth must be sustainable.

SYSTRA Ltd is certified to ISO 14001 which ensures regular monitoring and conformity to international standards in this area.

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