West Yorkshire PT management

West Yorkshire PT management


West Yorkshire Combined Authority believed that significant efficiencies could be achieved if they were able to fully integrate their back-office system for managing public transport in the area. The software solution to achieve this would be complex. The system would have to manage: bus and train timetables; route building; bus stops and stations; tenders and contracts; roadside displays and publicity; educational usage; contract compliance; surveys and remote data capture; concessionary fares; taxi management; and works orders. It would have to be complete and accurate, updatable to changing regulatory demands and be able to communicate with external services, real-time systems and financial management software.


SYSTRA worked closely with the client to design, develop and support our PT Insight software. The system uses an Oracle database and stores large volumes of data in an easy-to-use system that works efficiently with the client’s business processes and is adaptable to future business and technology requirements. The integrated Geographic Information System shows the locations of public transport routes and helps to visualise location-based data. The modular nature of the system make it easy to adapt, refine and enhance.

The efficiency and flexibility of PT Insight made it attractive to other users and it was subsequently successfully adopted by Hertfordshire County Council and Nottinghamshire County Council. Clients can adopt only the modules they require and add or merge modules according to their requirements.

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