Twickenham Rediscovered – Riverside

Twickenham Rediscovered – Riverside

The Challenge

SYSTRA was commissioned by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in 2017 to provide transport and highway consultancy services in support of development proposals termed Twickenham Riverside. The proposed development included provision of new retail space, approximately 40 residential units and associated improvements to the surrounding public realm.


SYSTRA prepared a Transport Assessment detailing the trip generation, site access, parking proposals, servicing proposals and a sustainable transport strategy for the development.

SYSTRA produced a Travel Plan, demonstrating the commitment to creating a sustainable development, promoting the use of walking, cycling and public transport and reducing the reliance on vehicular travel.

SYSTRA produced a Delivery and Servicing Plan which explained the proposed servicing strategy and waste collection plans for the site. An essential element of the plan was minimising the impact of the servicing on the existing retail units in the area.

SYSTRA also prepared an Access Statement which explained how the principles of inclusive design, including the specific needs of older and disabled people, were integrated into the development proposals, whether relevant best practice standards were complied with, and how inclusion would be maintained and managed. The Access Statement process was key to ensuring that the built environment is safe, accessible and convenient and enables everyone to access jobs, opportunities and facilities.

The planning application for the Twickenham Rediscovered – Riverside Development was subsequently approved at Committee in March 2018.

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