Transport Scotland – Development Planning and Management Auditor and Advisor

Transport Scotland – Development Planning and Management Auditor and Advisor


SYSTRA is appointed as lead consultant to the Transport Scotland Development Planning and Management Advisor and Auditor Framework Commission.

We provide advice and support to Transport Scotland (TS) to ensure that transport impacts of development on the trunk road network are appropriately considered and, where required, mitigated within the development planning and management process.

This covers input from the earliest stages of development plan preparation, through to the provision of formal responses to individual planning applications and representing and/or supporting TS at planning appeals/hearings, local development plan inquiries and examinations.


SYSTRA provide a dedicated team to support TS in two main areas, Development Plan and Planning Application consultations, with key activities including:

  • Liaising with the Scottish Government and planning authorities
  • Responding to emerging strategic and local development plans, including examining land use allocations and their potential effect on the strategic road network
  • Agreeing appraisal requirements and audit submitted appraisals undertaken in accordance with STAG or DPMTAG
  • Review new legislation, policies, guidance and advice that affect TS and prepare guidance on its behalf including a significant role in the preparation of current development management guidance
  • Audit, review and respond to around 1200 planning applications per year
  • Develop and present training seminars, workshops and general stakeholder information sessions

Our longstanding presence on this commission, which has run since 2014, and indeed previous versions of this commission dating back to 1992, means we have developed excellent relationships within Transport Scotland, wider Scottish Government and the development community in both public and private sector. SYSTRA’s experience and knowledge of the commission enables us to adopt an informed, measured and pragmatic approach.

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