The Railways of the Ports of Calais and Boulogne

The Railways of the Ports of Calais and Boulogne


The Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region had a long term plan to transfer the operation and management of the port railway lines to the ports of Calais and Boulogne.

For the port of Calais, identifying work needed to modernise the track in line with the new State-Region plan contract (CPER), the definition of the timetable of the operation and the progress of the studies helped to re-launch the consideration of this transfer, which had to be available by mid 2016.

The Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region commissioned SYSTRA to provide specialist railway expertise and assistance in order to better understand the issues involved in this transfer..


SYSTRA undertook the following activities:

  • Analysis of current and future facilities and analysis of operating modes
  • Definition of a facility master plan
  • Study of transfer scenarios
  • Assistance to the Region in selecting the status of the routes to be transferred
  • Relevance of the establishment of user charges
  • Benchmark on path allocation
  • Definition of an asset management policy
  • Multicriteria strategic analysis.
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