The Limerick Urban Centre Revitalisation – O’Connell

The Limerick Urban Centre Revitalisation – O’Connell

the challenge

SYSTRA is supporting Limerick County Council in the improvement and enhancement of the urban environment and mobility of O’Connell Street in Limerick. This is being achieved through a targeted infrastructure and citizen investment programme specifically designed for the street, in the heart of Limerick City.

The LUCROC project aims to improve the public realm, regenerate the urban fabric, reduce air pollution and promote noise reduction. In addition, as Ireland’s First Smarter Travel Demonstration Area 2012-2016, the project seeks to promote walking, cycling, electric vehicle use and public transport to, from and within O’Connell Street.

SYSTRA’s role

We are leaders in mobility management plans, and supportive regeneration strategies and streetscape design techniques helping to support more sustainable, better value and healthier travel choices for organisations and the community.

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