Station Road - Waddington

Station Road - Waddington


SYSTRA was commissioned on behalf of North Kesteven Council to consider the feasibility of developing the site of a former garden centre for residential use. The conclusions of the report were intended to guide the decision of the local authority with regard to the purchase of the land and the preparation of planning submission. The council planned to demolish the existing buildings, clear the site and provide a residential development to assist in providing further housing within the district. The layout will accommodate approximately 47 new dwellings along with associated communal areas and access roadways.

The task comprised a multi-stage site investigation and design service with the aim of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the site’s viability for residential development.


SYSTRA undertook the review of the site in two stages. The first concentrated on early stage assessment of key site constraints which had the potential to highlight issues that would be so detrimental to the viability of the site they would render any further assessment redundant. These first stage elements included ground contamination testing, ecological surveys, outline highway designs and a service capacity report. In the second stage SYSTRA went into further detail on the ground investigation as well as considering flood risk, arboricultural constraints and transport assessment issues. The findings of these studies were then reported back to the client to inform their decision as to whether or not to conclude the land purchase. The reports were also used to assist in the preparation of the outline planning submission.

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