Southern Europe Atlantic High Speed Line – Signalling And Digital

Southern Europe Atlantic High Speed Line – Signalling And Digital


The latest addition to the French network of high speed rail lines opened between Tours and Bordeaux in July 2017. SYSTRA has been at the heart of the project for the last decade, working as design project manager as well as setting up joint ventures to manage signalling, telecommunications, energy and superstructure. The railway has come in on budget and ahead of schedule.

The Tours-Bordeaux route is one of Europe’s largest rail projects and represents a public private partnership investment of Euro 7.8bn to build nearly 340km of new track, 303km of which is high speed. The route links the cities of the Atlantic coast to the Paris region and Eastern France and improves high speed connection to Spanish trading markets. Journey time between Paris and Bordeaux has been cut by 50 minutes to just 2 hours 5 minutes.


As the Engineering lead for the LISEA PPP consortium, SYSTRA is responsible for all technical fields for Design & Build sub-contract (Civil works, signalling, communication system, public approval procedures, cost optimization, site management, budget and planning control, etc.). Our mission is subdivided into three distinct parts: Studies management, Independent checking of the deployment activities and Integration tests management.

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