Port of Cork

Port of Cork


SYSTRA was commissioned by the Port of Cork Company to assist in the preparation of a planning application for the relocation of port facilities from Tivoli and City Quays to Ringaskiddy due to capacity restraints of the existing facilities.

Port operations are planned to relocate to an area of extensive industry and employment, accessed from the N28 National Road. A key requirement during the planning process is the assessment of the impact of the relocation on the strategic road network surrounding Ringaskiddy, and the identification of practical mitigation measures which ensure the surrounding residents and existing users of the N28 are not significantly impacted, whilst retaining an efficient operating port.


SYSTRA were commissioned by Port of Cork Company to assist in the preparation of the planning application for the relocation of the port facilities. We provided transport planning advisory services in the pre application stage, represented the client at pre-application consultation stage with key stakeholders, prepared the transport chapter for the EIA. We also acted on behalf of the client as professional witness during the oral hearing prior to planning permission being granted in May 2015.

The transport assessment included review of existing traffic conditions, public transport services, walking and cycling infrastructure, demographic profile of the region and planned future developments/infrastructure SYSTRA continued to develop a traffic model. Model included the development of the Port of Cork Ringaskiddy Transport Model from the Cork Area Strategic Planning Model to include the details of three Port of Cork sites, including Ringaskiddy, Tivoli, City Quays. This allowed for the development and testing of a number of scenarios to inform the Traffic Impact Assessments.

SYSTRA have continued to support PoCC during the preparation for the relocation of operations to Ringaskiddy. Further work has included the Principles of the Construction Traffic Management Plan and the Freight Mobility Management Plan.

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