Personal Travel Planning: i-Travel York Programme

Personal Travel Planning: i-Travel York Programme


York City Council successfully secured Local Sustainable Transport Funding to deliver an integrated programme which combined infrastructure with raising awareness and information provision. A key part of the i-Travel York programme focused on engaging local residents in local transport as engaging residents through household, employer and school based pathways.


We were appointed to deliver the residential, workplace and community based Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) programme. We set up a project office, developed information materials, sourced incentives and recruited and trained a team of Travel Advisors. Over three years, we engaged over 16,000 individuals in York through home visits, community events and workplace stalls, providing 44,000 pieces of tailored information on their sustainable travel options and incentives to try them out.

Monitoring over the three years showed that 25% of survey respondents were walking more often, 24% cycling more often and 22% using their car less as a result of participation in the programme. An evaluation of the transport and health impacts of the programme showed a cost: benefit ratio of 5.26:1.

Most impressive and encouraging results here. Well done.
David Short, i-Travel York Programme Manager City of York Council, 2014

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