Permanent HVM

Permanent HVM

Tailored for maximum protection but with minimal aesthetic impact

When you consider where our Security products are used it is easy to see why, when designing our permanent Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems, SYSTRA were conscious of not only the requirement for impact resistance but also the need to:

  • Ability to withstand secondary and repeat attacks
  • Integrity under blast conditions
  • Have ballistic resistance
  • Designed to blend into the surroundings if required
  • Easy and quick to install

It is SYSTRA’s ability to develop solutions to not only meet the impact resistant criteria but also these value added requirements and so respond to client’s needs that has set us aside as a leader in the Security market.

Furthermore, SYSTRA has developed the ultra-shallow foundation system and our BI-Steel foundation system for Cast Manganese bollards to overcome the traditional problems associated with bollard installation and these have been used on several challenging projects, notably on the Westminster Streetscape project.

Finally, our Permanent Walling Systems, which is used extensively around city centres, offers very high crash protection coupled with blast and ballistic resistance that few other providers can match.

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