On The Move: Navigating the Future of Road Transport

On The Move: Navigating the Future of Road Transport

The Challenge

The growth of the digital economy, shared mobility, connected and autonomous vehicles, as well as significant investment in electric vehicle (EV) technology and infrastructure, and alternative fuels, means we live in a rapidly-moving transport market. As innovation strides forward, there is risk of leaving consumers behind, with public buy-in and levels of acceptability unable to match technological growth. The need to move to a lower carbon future is indisputable, but the path to get there is not clear.

Against this backdrop of market change, BP commissioned SYSTRA’s Social and Market Research (SMR) team to conduct research to understand what the future of lower carbon transport might look like; to understand the way consumers envisage their future travel needs; and how the future of transport can be enabled and shaped.


Using a mixed-method approach, SYSTRA’s SMR team engaged with:

  • Global thought leaders in future mobility including mobility start-ups and disrupters, academics and policy makers through in-depth interviews; and
  • Consumers from the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain, via a large-scale online survey and supported by a concentrated, qualitative study.

The research demonstrates how different people, places and journeys demand different approaches – suggesting our future transport ecosystem must consider how each of these needs are met, how different technologies interact, and provide a range of solutions to ensure everyone has the chance to make greener choices.

The research findings are available here: www.onthemove.eu.com

The report is downloadable here: On The Move: Navigating the Future of Road Transport

A breakdown of key statistics by European market can be found here: BP Statistics by Country

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