NRS - Wind Farm Infrastructure

NRS - Wind Farm Infrastructure


We frequently provide structural and civil engineering services for wind farm developers which includes the detailed design of substation buildings and the supporting infrastructure.

These buildings frequently require a deep basement to house the substantial wind farm switch gear and cabling and the suspended ground floor has to support heavy loads of up to 10 kN/m2. Poor site ground conditions can often result in fairly substantial reinforced concrete design for the basement. All of the buildings are designed and detailed to the windfarm developer’s exacting specifications.

We also provide construction phase support to deal with any design changes or issues that arise due to changes in scope, ground conditions, etc.


Our structures team has extensive experience in this field and has been appointed by the NRS Group for numerous wind farm projects including Dunbeg and Slieve Divena in Ireland and Freasdail and Fordoun in Scotland.

Our proactive and collaborative approach for these commissions ensure that any design issues arising on site are quickly resolved, allowing the site works to be completed ahead of programme.

SYSTRA is an Approved Body and Approved Certifier of Design under the Structural Engineers Registration (SER) Scheme and can therefore certify building warrant submissions to local authorities which keeps the approval period to a minimum.

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