Newcastle 2014

Newcastle 2014


SYSTRA seeks to enhance our schemes with measures that protect the environment and improve personal health and well-being. Sustainability is recognised as a key element of protecting and conserving our environment and we enhance our engineering offer by providing specialist environmental expertise.


SYSTRA was commissioned by Newcastle City Council to undertake a feasibility study for a link road in the west of Newcastle upon Tyne. The link road is to facilitate the release of land for residential developments in line with the Council’s ambitions put forward in its Core Strategy. It will also increase connectivity between communities and to the Strategic Road Network. Within the feasibility study five route options were considered and scored based on environmental impact, benefits to traffic flow, cost and other practical considerations based around buildability. On selection of the preferred option an Environmental Impact Assessment was undertaken to understand environmental constraints of the scheme.

A key component of this was a detailed Air Quality Assessment for the ‘with and without’ link road scenarios.

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