Manydown Community, Basingstoke

Manydown Community, Basingstoke

The Challenge

Since 2016, SYSTRA, as part of a wider multi-disciplinary team led by Tibbalds, has provided and continues to provide transport modelling and highways consultancy services in relation to the development of a Masterplan and submission of an Outline planning application for the strategic development site at Manydown, Basingstoke. The development proposals are for approximately 3,500 homes, local centres, primary and secondary schools, a country park, sports facilities and associated infrastructure. SYSTRA has been involved with the Manydown project since its initiation, and has been responsible for all transport and highways input into the Outline planning application.


SYSTRA produced a Transport Assessment (TA), demonstrating how the Masterplan would deliver a new community within Basingstoke, benefiting from excellent facilities for sustainable travel modes, whilst also making appropriate provision for vehicles, including private cars. The TA contents were determined through extensive pre-application consultation with a wide variety of stakeholders, Local Highway and Planning officers, and local residents of areas surrounding the site as well as from the wider Basingstoke area. The TA presented the results of a range of technical assessments, including from the strategic North Hampshire Transport Model (a SATURN model), junction modelling and transport and highways design work which have informed the site masterplan and formed part of pre-application discussions. Network mitigation measures were developed for a number of locations.

As part of the Outline application, SYSTRA produced a Travel Plan. This document demonstrated the sustainability of the proposed development and how walking, cycling and public transport modes would be promoted, whilst making adequate provision for private cars.

The Transport Assessment and Travel Plan were submitted in late 2019 alongside the Outline planning application.

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