M8 Motorway Improvement

M8 Motorway Improvement


The M8 motorway linking Edinburgh and Glasgow is punctuated by an approximately 9.5km section of lower standard A-class dual carriageway between junctions 6 and 8. This section of network performs a key role for both strategic and local traffic, connecting the A725 and M73 and M74 motorways including the Raith Interchange (M74 J5). Improving and maintaining sustainable operation of the network in this area is critical to both the local and national economy.

Option development began in 2003 leading to DMRB Stage 2 and Stage 3 scheme assessments for a range of interventions including upgrading of the M8 (J6 to J8) to motorway standard with a complementary A8 all-purpose road, capacity enhancements on both the M73 and M74 and the provision of an A725 underpass at Raith Interchange.

The M8 motorway and Raith Interchange schemes were subject to Public Local Inquiries in 2008 and 2009, following which, construction began in 2014 with full operation scheduled for mid-2017.


Our roles involved application of the multi-modal Central Scotland Transport Model (CSTM) for strategic forecasting and environmental assessment. We also developed a microsimulation model of the strategic road network that was interfaced with CSTM and used to produce robust economic assessments for the schemes. We provided Expert Witnesses for both public inquiries and maintained an ongoing advisory role for the traffic management during construction.

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