Langston Road, Loughton

Langston Road, Loughton

The Challenge

SYSTRA was commissioned by R. Maskell Ltd. to provide transport and highways advice, regarding a proposed employment development off Langston Road, Loughton. The proposals comprised of the construction of a business park, including the erection of 8,500 sqm of B1/B8 land uses across 11 units and a new access road.

SYSTRA’s role

SYSTRA conducted pre-application scoping work, through meetings with Epping Forest Council and Essex County Council. As Junction 5 of the M11 is located immediately to the south of the Site, Highways England were also involved as a key stakeholder. A key concern was that the development traffic could impact this junction.

SYSTRA prepared a Transport Assessment, which involved building five junction models, network distribution spreadsheet models and vehicle tracking of the proposed new access road layout. It was demonstrated that traffic generated by the proposed development would not negatively impact the nearby M11 Junction 5.

SYSTRA also produced a Travel Plan, which demonstrated the commitment to encouraging sustainable travel through including staff welcome packs with key information on local active travel facilities and the promotion of national and local sustainable travel events.

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