IEP Gauging

IEP Gauging

SYSTRA has a dedicated in-house survey team with extensive experience and expertise in Topographic Survey, with capability and resource to undertake a full range of surveys and activities including Rail, Road, Bridges, Monitoring, Gauging and Laserscanning, sufficient to provide comprehensive survey data for all design Disciplines to undertake their works.

SYSTRA were tasked to carry out IEP Grip 4 Topographical Survey works in various areas around the UK ranging Carlisle and Newcastle in the North to Royston and Ely in the south.

The survey scope for the IEP sites consisted of:

  • Topographic survey and Laser Scanning of the site mileages identified, to include all S&C details and all associated Rails and features
  • Laser Profiling and Structure Gauging of all structures and platforms within the site limits.
  • All features, structures, rail infrastructure and above ground service elements within the survey areas
  • Locations of all Surface Water Drainage Catchpits
  • All Signaling assets within the survey mileage.

SYSTRA utilized the latest technology for carrying out these works . This gives us the capability of capturing large amounts of data in a short time on site. This data is then fed back in to the office where 3D models can be produced along with other deliverables so the client can look at the survey areas in depth without the need for specialist software or training.

The data produced is then delivered to our in-house Track team to be processed in Clear Route in order to analyse existing and as built clearance values.

All of these activities were completed within a live operational railway environment with open lines been close to the workgroups with no incidents or accidents on site. The site works were successfully completed within the allocated time and budget.

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