Hunts Grove S278

Hunts Grove S278


Hunts Grove is a large residential development in the Hardwicke area of Gloucester. In order to ensure the resultant increase in vehicular traffic is properly managed, the planning conditions stipulated a requirement to upgrade the surrounding highways network which included the A38, Bath Road and Cross Keys Roundabout.


SYSTRA was commissioned by Crest Nicholson plc (Crest) to carry out detailed design of the off-site highway improvement works associated with the Hunts Grove development. The scheme is divided into two distinct areas: Cross Keys Roundabout and the A38 near the Hardwicke flyover.

The design work at the A38 involved the introduction of a major new signalised junction (which was required to access the development), the reduction of the speed limit to 50mph, and an assessment of the structural capability of the existing Hardwicke flyover bridge. Currently work is being carried out to assess the stability of an existing embankment and to design the extension of an existing drainage culvert, both of which are required to accommodate carriageway widening. The works at Cross Keys Roundabout involved the provision of additional approach lanes to improve capacity as well as kerb realignment to ensure compliance with relevant design standards.

The project is currently in the latter stages of the technical approval process, with submission of detailed design drawings anticipated to take place in October 2017.

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