Highways England Pinch Point Prioritisation Programme

Highways England Pinch Point Prioritisation Programme


The national Pinch Point Programme (PPP) fund was aimed at targeting some of the worst pinch points on the strategic road network at locations that are fundamental to supporting growth. There was a need to develop a transparent and evidence based approach to prioritising this investment


SYSTRA provided support to enable Highways England (then known as the Highways Agency) to prioritise and develop a transparent programme of improvements during the period 2013 to 2015. This focused on prioritising pinch points in the network for investment where resolution of the constraint had the greatest potential to support economic growth. There was a strong emphasis on value for money, and on deliverability, with investment focused on those initiatives that were “shovel ready” to be delivered in the early years of the programme.

SYSTRA develop the prioritisation framework and was then subsequently appointed to audit the scheme assessments ensuring consistency in scheme assessment nationally, enabling Highways England to make informed decisions on the investment programme. As a result they were able to take forward more than 123 improvement schemes on its network, including £317m of transport improvement to help support economic growth by unlocking key pinch points

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