Hertfordshire County Council Taxi Tendering Portal

Hertfordshire County Council Taxi Tendering Portal


Hertfordshire County Council provides education transport services for students attending all schools within the County. While most students are able to take school buses to get to their schools, students with special needs and those living on more remote areas rely on the use of taxi services and small vehicle operators. This requires regular tendering for contracts and invoicing by contractors, processes which can be complex for the operators and demanding for the Council in terms of staff time. The Council wanted to simplify this process, increase automation and accessibility while maintaining a very high standard of safety and personal data management.


SYSTRA is working closely with Hertfordshire County Council to design and deliver a secure web portal that will offer a single point of entry for all educational taxi services that wish to submit an invoice or tender. The portal will validate tender and invoice data providing automatic approval and processing of invoices that meet expected financial values. Taxi operators will be automatically notified by email of new tenders and there will be a significant reduction in dependency on Council staff for managing tenders, invoices and contracts.

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