Henly’s Corner

Henly’s Corner


SYSTRA was been appointed by Transport for London to lead the design and delivery of a major junction improvement works at Henly’s Corner, a major North Circular junction. The scheme proposals called for safer crossings for pedestrians / cyclists and vastly improved vehicle flows through a very congested junction. The road geometry consisted of large scale widening of traffic lanes, large earthworks, substantial retaining walls and innovative ‘hands free’ pedestrian crossing facilities to cater for religious requirements.


SYSTRA prepared full construction drawings and contract documents for the Henly’s Corner scheme, as well as working closely with the Contractor to develop a living document to be reviewed at any time during the works providing up-to-date cost and risk information. The scheme layout was constrained by a number of key problems such as, Japanese knotweed infestation, large buried fuel tanks which contaminated the surrounding soil and major embankments requiring retaining wall structures.

Since completion the junction has vastly improved all modes of transport and on the whole has been well received by the community. The ‘hands free’ crossing facilities were one of the first to be implemented anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Image copyright: TfL

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