Hallcraig Street Car Park

Hallcraig Street Car Park


In order to meet increased parking capacity requirements for improvements in Airdrie town centre, North Lanarkshire Council needed to increase the capacity of the existing at-grade car park at Hallcraig Street. As there was no possibility of extending the plan area of the car park, the only option available was to provide a single storey deck over the existing car park. The irregular shape of the site and differing ground levels require careful consideration to provide an economic and viable layout for the proposed car park.


SYSTRA was appointed by North Lanarkshire Council to undertake the design from feasibility to detailed design of a multi storey car park in Airdrie Town Centre. This 400 space car park was designed on the location of an existing surface level car park and comprised of two access points with emergency access provision. Approvals for the design of the car park were gained from North Lanarkshire Council including building warrant and access approval onto the public road.

The car park and surrounding infrastructure was fully compliant to the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges and the access junctions were compliant with North Lanarkshire Councils Road Development Guidelines (the former Strathclyde Regional Council Guidelines). Associated infrastructure included the relocation of an existing pedestrian crossing and the introduction of an access ramp from an existing surface level element of the car park to the new upper deck. Provision has been made in the structural design for an additional future deck level should there be sufficient demand.

Graham MacKay, Head of Roads and Transportation for North Lanarkshire Council, said in a press release: "This car park will prove an excellent facility for Airdrie by improving access to the shops and local amenities. By providing additional space in the heart of the town centre, we can encourage more shoppers and visitors to the town, giving a welcome boost to the local economy.”

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