Energlyn & Churchill Parkway Station

Energlyn & Churchill Parkway Station

Energlyn & Churchill Parkway Station is a station built near Caerphilly, the site was particularly challenging with very limited access along a narrow residential street to the West and a steep, and potentially unstable, embankment down to further housing on the East side.

Acting as a specialist sub-contractor responsible for the construction of the new platforms, SYSTRA (formerly TSP Projects) were able to deliver 2no new 125m platforms plus waiting shelters, ramps and staircases for this station.

This project was particularly high profile within the local community as a new station had been discussed for many years. The site was also overlooked by interested residents with the potential for causing nuisance with noise, light, dust and vibration during construction. Finally; the platforms are located on the edge of an unstable embankment that held significant Health & Safety risks as well as Access issues.

We were initially engaged by the GRIP 4 designers to develop a platform solution specifically for this site and then maintained our involvement through to completion of the platforms. The majority of the work which involved the construction of the base steel frames for the 125m long platforms was completed in a single weekend possession.

This project demonstrates our ability to innovate to suit site and client requirements and deliver the infrastructure in an efficient and safe manner. The Principal Contractor, Morgan Sindall, was awarded the Crossrail STAR Award and acknowledged that SYSTRA were a major contributor to this achievement.

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