Dundrum Town Centre

Dundrum Town Centre

the challenge

SYSTRA has been involved in this multi-award winning retail and leisure development since 1998 to the present day. The first phase of the development was the biggest construction project in Ireland in 2004 and is now the biggest development of its kind in Ireland.

SYSTRA have acted as Transportation and Highway consultants on the project and have been responsible for the transport strategy for the development, traffic management, design of supporting roads infrastructure, the static and VMS signing strategy, the design of public transport infrastructure, the preparation of a mobility plan, the detailed design of the 3,500 space multi-storey car park and all elements of transport assessment and traffic modelling.


We were responsible for bringing forward measures to ensure that the development is highly accessible, since opening the development, the LUAS has accounted for over 20% of all trips to the centre and has been highly effective in avoiding the widely predicted traffic congestion on the surrounding road network.

The external signing strategy for the development involved the provision of 15 variable message signs located at key decision points on the external road network. As part of the traffic management strategy for the development, these signs are linked to the car park management system which provides the signs with real time information on the number of spaces available in each of the parking areas. This has the effect of influencing the route choice of drivers at the strategic decision points and discouraging them from heading for the busiest areas.

The project complexity has been a result of changes to the surrounding road infrastructure since the inception of the project meaning that the scheme has had to adapt to changing circumstances and infrastructure. A key challenge has been to link the development into the existing public transport provision which includes the LUAS tram system which routes close to the development.

SYSTRA are still retained transport and highway consultants at Dundrum and have been undertaking design work on the Phase 2 development - an additional 50,000m2 GFA of retail floor space and an additional 1,900 parking spaces.

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