Dundee Northern Links Cycle Infrastructure Design

Dundee Northern Links Cycle Infrastructure Design


Community Links PLUS is Sustrans Scotland’s grant to deliver transformational improvements to active travel infrastructure and urban realm. Dundee City Council, with whom SYSTRA have worked to promote walking and cycling for over 10 years, was seeking funding from the grant for a major roadspace reallocation project to create segregated cycle lanes and associated infrastructure on two of the main radial corridors in the city.


SYSTRA led the concept design development. Following a detailed process of objective setting and site surveys accompanied by local people (pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users), we prepared designs that could meet the aspirations for new segregated routes without undue detriment to congestion or air pollution.

We also led the public and stakeholder engagement tasks which informed the designs. These were held at two key stages of the project: the first sought initial views, which were able to inform the design principles, while the second sought more detailed feedback on initial draft designs. Engagement with primary school pupils through in-class workshops was particularly valuable to help the designs accord with the needs and aspirations of young people.

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