Collision Analysis and Proposed Remedial Measures, Dollis Hill Lane Area, Brent

Collision Analysis and Proposed Remedial Measures, Dollis Hill Lane Area, Brent


The Dollis Hill Lane area of Brent is a residential area which was experiencing an unacceptably high number of Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs). The London Borough of Brent (LBB) was therefore seeking to appoint a consultant to investigate the reasons for the collisions and propose cost-effective remedial measures to reduce the risk of future collisions.


SYSTRA was commissioned by LBB to analyse road traffic collisions and propose suitable remedial measures for reducing them in the Dollis Hill Lane area of Brent. The measures had to complement LBB’s proposals to implement a 20mph speed limit within the whole study area.

In order to propose suitable remedial measures, SYSTRA carried out numerous tasks. This included a site visit to gain a detailed understanding of the area and likely issues; commissioning of Automatic Traffic Counts (ATCs) to identify non-compliance with current speed limits; a review of perceived safety issues by a local stakeholder group; and analysis of three years’ worth of road traffic collision data.

The nature of recent collisions were assessed in detail, with each case being analysed to determine cause, taking into account the contributory factors cited in the Stats 19 report. By adopting this approach we were able to identify which collisions were likely to be affected by surrounding infrastructure, and therefore what remedial measures would be suitable for reducing similar incidents occurring in the future. Proposed measures included road narrowing, modifying road markings, improving signage and installing speed humps and speed tables.

The final report was submitted to LBB in November 2014.

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