Clonburris Strategic Development Plan

Clonburris Strategic Development Plan

the Challenge

SYSTRA is supporting South Dublin County Council in the preparation of a Planning Scheme for lands at Clonburris, consisting of approximately 280 hectares of undeveloped land in west Dublin. The SDZ will provide residential development, we well as ancillary developments such as schools, rail infrastructure, emergency services and the provision of community facilities.

The Transport Assessment (TA) for the Clonburris SDZ, delivered jointly by SDCC and the NTA, provided background information essential to developing a fully integrated and sustainable Transport Strategy for the area.

The National Transport Authority’s East Regional Model (ERM) was utilized to assess strategic level multi-modal impacts generated by the SDZ for numerous forecast years and to support the development of a more detailed Local Area Model to assess local traffic conditions and impacts. This facilitated a clear understanding of both the strategic and local impacts of the Clonburris SDZ in terms of demand for road, public transport, and active modes, in addition to specific analysis of network performance at key junctions interfacing with the SDZ.


A proposed street hierarchy for Clonburris was established that maximizes route choice and access to key services by means of walking, cycling and public transport while balancing the needs of the car. This was supported by a Parking strategy which provided an appropriate level of parking to serve the needs of the community while promoting the use of sustainable transport.

A comprehensive public transport plan was also developed for Clonburris which integrates the committed infrastructure measures contained in the NTA’s Greater Dublin Area Transport strategy 2016-2035 with a series of planned local bus services linking Clonburris to the wider South Dublin community.

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